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Wren's Community Shop is a community run store, working on a purely volunteer basis

What our customers say

Wren’s is run and managed entirely by volunteers

This cottage is a hidden gem, my husband and I stayed for a couple of days as we were attending meetings in the area. The house was a perfect base. We brought food with us due to village location but honestly the Village shop is simply superb. Never have I attended a village shop and been able to purchase the items for a full and varied cheese board and an array of Vegan ice creams …. Ana-Maria (review on Airbnb)

We use the shop because it is so convenient with very friendly and helpful volunteers, especially during the pandemic. It also serves as a meeting area for locals and saves travel to other places which, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint. It's good that many items are sourced locally and are reasonably priced. The shop has a good account facility and other items like meat and periodicals can be ordered separately. Advertising and sponsoring local events, plus ticket sales can always be relied on. NHS prescriptions are also collated and delivered on a regular basis. Also a very comprehensive and professional service at the Post Office is supplied by Janeen, our postmistress.

Alan & Sandra

Wren's Shop is the heart of East Knoyle. It is vital for community spirit and community life. Its 'parts' include wonderful good-natured volunteers; food basics and the best kind of luxuries; and good opening hours. And it is more than the sum of its parts. The beating heart of East Knoyle.


I think the shop is brilliant. I use it regularly. I greatly appreciate the time the volunteers give up to look after the customers. They are always friendly and helpful. It’s also very convenient to collect prescriptions. The shop is very reasonably priced for a village shop and has a wide selection of produce. As a bonus we even have a Post Office.


I had always appreciated how wonderful our shop was but hadn’t realised, until I worked in it as a volunteer, just how many hours are put in behind the scenes. Opening the shop and closing it, hours of ordering new stock, checking-in the daily deliveries, stocking shelves, cleaning and many other things. It is almost impossible to ask for something the shop doesn’t stock – even the most obscure spices or ingredients for a new recipe. Anything else can be ordered for the next day. And then there is the prescription facility and the Post Office itself. The small profit it makes helps support good causes in the village. Let’s all shop there more.